Aidance Scientific

Aidance launched Abacus and leveraged its resources, FDA regulatory compliance knowledge and 20 years of experience developing naturally derived pharmaceutical products to formulate the first family of OTC  products blended with CBD hemp extract or oil (Cannabis sativa L.)


Abacus was launched by Aidance in 2014.  Aidance, founded in 2004, is a developer and manufacturer of topical dermatology products with customers in over 150 countries and sales to major national retail chains. Abacus leverages the resources and know-how of Aidance under licensing rights and manufacturing and services agreements.

Aidance’s 15 years of research, focused on all-natural skin treatments, has yielded a multitude of remarkable discoveries. Of these, Activated Minerals​® and Silver Oxide (multiple international patents issued and pending) continue to be Aidance’s most notable contribution to modern skincare. Aidance prides itself on offering products that are based on proven science and actual customer success.

Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients

The OTC drug products developed by Abacus and Aidance contain clinically proven, ​ active pharmaceutical ingredients for a given application.