Scientific Advisory Team

The Abacus Scientific Advisory Team was formed to ensure Abacus has leading minds in the fields of healthcare and science, FDA compliance regulation, R&D and intellectual property support

Perry Antelman

Chief Executive Officer

Perry Antelman, is the Chief Executive Officer of Abacus. He has over 30 years of executive business experience, funding, launching, and growing companies in the chemical and medical technology/pharmaceutical sectors.

Perry leveraged his experience to launch Abacus Health Products and deliver the first-to-market, legal, OTC registered topical pain relief products blended with CBD hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L).

Dr. Bharat Madhavan

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Bharat Madhavan is a microbiologist holding several international patents, specializing in R&D and Quality Control/Assurance in the field of formulations and Pharmaceutical Science.

Utilizing cutting edge techniques and technology, Dr. Madhavan designs, develops, and tests new formulations to ensure they adhere to the highest standards and provide maximum benefits.

Shalom Lampert

IP Counsel and Scientific Advisor

Shalom has three decades of work experience in R&D in chemical engineering. He is a named inventor on numerous US patents related to chemical production processes, hybrid energy systems, and nanotechnology. Mr. Lampert acts both as IP counsel and as an active member of R&D steering committees in several corporations, promoting a symbiotic relationship between technological development and IP-related activities.

Areta Kupchyk, Esq

FDA Regulatory Advisor

A partner with Foley Hoag LLP in Washington DC, Areta helps clients in the U.S. and international market with the FDA’s regulation of drug, medical device, biotechnology, and biological products. Areta served at the FDA for nearly 10 years as Associate Chief Counsel for Drugs and Biologics and Assistant General Counsel for Litigation.

Dr. Zakhar Nudelman

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Zakhar Nudelman serves as a scientific advisor to the company leading pharmaceutical and pharmacological researches performed by Abacus HP. Zakhar is an expert in the fields of biotechnology (pharma) and topical products development. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.