A family of cannabinoid (CBD)-blended over-the-counter pain-relieving products that were created with the mission to provide strong, fast, and long-lasting relief from a variety of ailments.

For each product segment, there are numerous delivery device options available, offering unique solutions that cater to personalized needs. Our proprietary formulations provide safe pain relief as they are applied topically to treat the pain at the source of the problem, versus oral medications that are absorbed by the entire body and may have serious side effects.

Driven by a “patient-first” approach, we designed our formulations to combine: a proprietary blend of natural emollients that facilitate deeper and faster absorption of pain-relieving analgesic compounds, and powerful, naturally derived terpenes (aromatic oils and analgesic compounds) to reduce pain and provide longer pain relief.

Ointments & Creams

Engineered to deliver the most powerful pain relief from an over-the-counter solution, our analgesic ointments and creams are a family of unique pain relieving products designed with the mission to provide deep, longer lasting relief from acute pain and stress on the body. These powerful OTC-registered remedies combine the latest science with the finest organic and natural ingredients for superior results.

Pain Stick

Recognizing the need for a “hands-free” application method, Abacus manufactures its Pain Stick as the ideal solution for on-the-go individuals. Quick and easy to apply, the Pain Stick is built for utility; it is compact, durable, and can be taken anywhere.

Massage Oils

Abacus’ line of analgesic massage oils provide massage therapists and pain specialists with an entirely new family of products for treating patients’ discomfort and pain. These are the first OTC-registered massage oils, and the first to combine topical analgesics with hemp extract. Designed to offer a subtle and relaxing method for pain relief, our massage oils are gentle and light, and provide true pain relief without any discomfort while being applied. Our rich formulation contains cotton seed oil, peppermint oil, and many other natural ingredients that help the oil penetrate the skin faster, offering longer lasting relief from pain.